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Chapter One
Everyday Islam: How Muslims Practice Their Religion

Chapter Two
Some Basic Concepts and How Islam Fits into the Judeo-Christian Tradition

Chapter Three
The Story of an Arab, an Angel, and the God of Abraham:
Muhammad and the Birth of Islam

Chapter Four
The Qur'an: What It Is and Why Quoting from It Can Be Problematic

Chapter Five
Who’s Who in Islam: From Ayatollahs to Whirling Dervishes

Chapter Six
Religious Hierarchy: Who Makes the Rules in Islam?                                                                       

Chapter Seven
Women in Islam: Marriage, Divorce, Polygamy, and that Veil Thing                                   

Chapter Eight
Jihad and Fundamentalism: Not the Same Thing                                                                 

Chapter Nine
Theft and Adultery in Islam: Reflections on Disney’s Aladdin                                            

Chapter Ten
An American Muslim Reaction to September 11th

Chapter Eleven
Why the Misconceptions Persist: Separating the Reality
from the Murky Mythology

Questions for Discussion
Suggested Reading List