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Merry Christmas from my Muslim family to yours

Warmest wishes from my Muslim family to yours. This year, we are not traveling, as we often do to celebrate Christmas with my Christian mum-in-law. Instead, we are having Muslim Christmas with our immediate family! (As an old friend once said, “Muslims believe in Jesus, peace be upon him. What’s wrong with celebrating Jesus’s birthday?”)

We’ve made Christmas cookies (below) and will be baking gingerbread and Scottish tablet today!

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I think we'll do a "Christmas namaz," too -- an extra optional Muslim prayer we will pray on Christmas -- and we're having turkey and trimmings for dinner. (I mail-ordered a deep-fried turkey, I confess, as my husband has always wanted one and I refuse to risk life and limb trying to fry it myself.)

No presents, because I'm exhausted from wiping down all the deliveries that come into the house. But perhaps we'll watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Because it is, and we are utterly grateful for it.

We hope you have much to be grateful for, as well. Best wishes, blessings, and hopes for a 2021 with more peace, more health, and more cross-cultural and interfaith understanding.