Sumbul Ali-Karamali

Award-Winning Author and Speaker

Growing Up Muslim: Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Islam

Growing Up Muslim: Understanding the Beliefs and Practices of Islam
Published by Penguin Random House, Delacorte Children's Books; Ember (reprint editions)
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Growing up Muslim in Southern California, Sumbul Ali-Karamali found herself answering questions from friends and schoolmates about her life: What do Muslims eat? Why do they pray five times a day? Why do they fast? 

This engaging, lively book, written in a confiding, conversational style, is a comprehensive introduction to Islam. It's written for ages ten and up, but it's relevant and appropriate for any age, adults included. It not only covers the foundations of Islam, as well as those topics we hear about in the media, but also where Muslims live, why poetry is so popular in Muslim communities, and how to make Bean Pie, possibly the first indigenous Muslim American dish!

Like Ali-Karamali's other books, Growing Up Muslim is well-researched and academically trustworthy, but a fun read. It's appropriate for the classroom and summer reading lists as well as leisure reading.

"[A]n informal, highly personal introduction to Islam....The writing flows smoothly as if in conversation, making it understandable and appealing....This unique introduction is a good choice for dispelling misconceptions and prejudice about this faith and will appeal to readers of human-interest stories."

-- School Library Journal

"[A]n accessible introduction to Islam and to Muslim cultures, written in an easygoing style occasionally sparked with humor...With a balance of facts, personal experience, and thoughtful discussion, this introduction to the world's second-largest faith will serve for both personal reading and school research."

-- The Horn Book

"Ali-Karamali is smart, hip, and funny and doesn't settle for being holier-than-thou....Growing Up Muslim [is] an accessible but never simplistic resource on Islam for all young people, whatever their religion."

-- Omid Safi, Professor of Religion, University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill

Paperback (previously also hardcover, audio CD, and library) | 213 pages | 978-0385740968 | August 15, 2012